A Historical Perspective

Lawrence & Mayo, one of the living centurions in the Corporate World, needs no introduction to the Public in India. Year 2002 will be a memorable landmark in the long and honorable history of this corporate entity as it will celebrate its post centaury silver jubilee during this year. Looking back in to the history, it will be interesting to know how Human effort of several generations has built and nurtured this company through 139 years of its marvelous existence.

Lawrence and Mayo, traces its roots to two London based Jewish families, that of Lawrence and Mayo. The two families set up operations all over the world including London, Cairo, Spain, Portugal, Indian subcontinent, Colombo, Rangoon and Singapore. Not much information is available on the early history of the company, but its reputation as a chain of High grade Opticians and makers of best quality Survey, Scientific and Meteorological Instruments was well known. Records show than L&M opened its first Indian office and showroom in Calcutta in the year 1877.

In the year 1938 L&M was incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 1913, as a private limited company. It was then controlled by a Britisher L H Alliston but he was soon to find an able successor in an Indian named I C Mendonca whose initiative took him all the way to Lahore and Karachi where he set up an optical workshop and showrooms. Mr. Mendonca returned to Calcutta before the partition and continued with the operations of the Company. It is he who nurtured the organisation after his takeover AND laid solid foundation for its future growth in India. The company became wholly Indian since 1967.

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