Field Vane Shear Test


The determination of shear strength of saturated cohesive soils is mostly dependent on the care and skill with which the operator conducts his work. These soil types are susceptible to sampling disturbances when the sampling tubes are pushed into them. Laboratory shear tests for such soils under-estimate their strength as it is not possible to obtain the sample in an undisturbed state even with maximum precaution in sampling and testing. The Field Vane Shear test involves pushing a four blade vane in the soil and rotating it till a cylindrical surface in the soil fails by shear. The torque required  to cause this failure is measured and this torque is converted to unit shearing resistance of this cylindrical surface. In addition to the Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus, two field models are also available.




Conforms to I S : 4434
It comprises of :
Torque application assembly :  2000 kgcm.  complete with stand. Vane  37.5 mm. diameter x 75 mm. high, with vane rod and one dummy rod.
Vane 50 mm. diameter x 100 mm. high, complete with vane rod and one dummy rod.
Extension rod 1 metre long, threaded, with couplings.  25nos. Extension rod 0.5 meter log, threaded,  with couplings.  10 nos. Torque rod 0.6 metre long.1no.


LM173011 : Vane 37.5 mm. diameter x 75 mm. high with vane rod.
LM173012 : Vane 50 mm. diameter x 100 mm. high with vane rod.
LM173013 : Extension rod 1 metre long with couplings.
LM173014 : Extension rod 0.5 metre long with couplings.
LM173015 : Dummy rod corresponding to 37.5 mm. diameter vane.
LM173016 : Dummy rod corresponding to 50 mm. diameter vane.
LM173017 : Vane 75 mm. diameter x 150 mm. high, with vane rod.
LM173018 : Dummy rod corresponding to 75 mm. diameter vane.
LM173019 : Guide with ball bearing arrangement for proper alignment of rods when in use, suitable for use with 100 mm. diameter casing pipe.
LM1730110 : Similar to LM173019, but for use with 150 mm. diameter casing pipe.



Conforms to I S : 4434
It comprises of :
Torque applicator assembly 2000 kgcm. capacity, two vanes 37.5 mm. diameter x 75 mm. high and 50 mm. diameter x 100 mm. high with sleeves, protecting shoes, torque rod and calibration chart for torque applicator.
Extension tube :   1 metre long with couplings.       – 30 nos.
Extension rod  :   1 metre long with pin couplings . – 30 nos.
Extension tube:    75 cms. long.                             – 1no.
Extension rod :   75 cms. long.                             – 1no.
Torque rod with hexagonal  adaptor.



LM173021 : Vane  37.5 mm. diameter x 75 mm. high with vane rod.
LM173022 : Vane  50 mm. diameter x 100 mm. high with vane rod.
LM173023 : Extension tube 1 metre long.
LM173024 : Extension rod  1 metre long.
LM173025 : Vane  protecting shoe  with  vane assembly, for 65 mm. diameter x 130 mm. high.


Equipment for pushing and withdrawal of borer:

LM173026 : 150 mm. hand auger unit (post hole type) for removal of surface soil with handle and a pair of 1 metre long extension rods.
LM173027 : 150 mm. diameter steel tube, 1.5 metre long for casing through surface soil.
LM173028 : Ball cone clamp and yoke for use with extension tubes.
LM173029 : Steel anchor frame with two screw reaction anchors, complete with handle and fixtures.
LM173030 : Rack jack (50 kN) capacity for use with LM173028 & LM173029.
Note : Steel transportation case can be supplied on request. (Four will be required for the complete kit).

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