Permeability Test


Permeability of soil is a property which indicates the ease with which water will flow through the soil. This is an important engineering property which governs seepage under dams, the squeezing out of water from a soil sample by the application of a load, drainage of sub-grades, dams, etc. The effective strength of soil is often indirectly controlled by its permeability. Permeability depends on numerous factors, including particle size and shape, fines content, density and degree of saturation. Hence it is determined directly by laboratory methods using a permeameter. There are two of permeameters, Constant Head Permeameter and Variable Head Permeameter. Variable Head permeameters mostly used for testing remoulded or undisturbed fine grained soils. Constant Head Permeameters are used for cohesion-less, coarse grained soils.




Conforms to IS : 2720  (Part - 17) It comprises of :
A compaction  permeameter,  similar  to  a  1000  cm    compaction mould which is clamped at the top and bottom. A pair of porous stones is provided for top and bottom drainage. Stand pipe panel with three glass tubes of   6 mm., 10 mm. and 20 mm. diameter bore,  approximately  1.0  metre  long.  Supplied  complete  with wooden metre scale and rubber tubing. The glass tubes are fitted on a  wooden panel, suitable for wall mounting.


LM173312 : Rammer 2.6 kg. x 310 mm. drop.
LM173314 : Rammer 4.89 kg. x 450 mm.


LM172331 : Permeability mould without porous stones.
LM172332 : Porous stones for top and bottom drainage.
LM172333 : Set of 3 glass tubes.


LM172334 : Steel overhead tank approx. 40 cm. diameter x 1 metre high, with one inlet at the top and five outlets at the bottom, fitted with valves.





Similar to LM17233 except for the following. The stand pipe panel is provided with 8 tubes from 5 mm. to 75 mm. diameter for determination of permeability of various types of soil ranging from clay to gravels. A 75 mm. diameter tube with constant head arrangements is also provided on the panel. An enamel mug is supplied for collection of water directly after percolation through the sample.


LM172341 : Set of 8 glass tubes.

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