Plate Load Test


The plate bearing test is essentially a model test of foundations which projects the stress and strain characteristics for evaluating the  ultimate bearing capacity of foundations. This technique is a standard one for estimating the bearing value of soil in-situ. The results  of  other  methods  are  always  compared  with  the  values obtained by the plate load test.  In this method, a steel plate of a certain dimension is subjected to gradually increasing loads and the corresponding settlement is noted. The ultimate bearing capacity is taken as the load at which the plate starts sinking continuously at a rapid rate.




Conforms to I S : 1888
It comprises of :
Remote controlled hydraulic jack (500 kN) fitted with 200 mm. diameter pressure gauge. Supplied complete with
One metre long metal pipes with end fittings.    – 5 nos.
‘Ball and Socket’ assembly                             – 1 set.
Set of chequered M.S. Plates as under :
600 x  600  x  25 mm.                                    – 1no.
450 x  450  x  25 mm.                                    – 1no.
300 x  300   x 25 mm.                                    – 1no.
Bracket for dial gauge                                    – 2nos. Columns 15 cm. diameter x 30 cm.
high with flanges, bolts and nuts                       – 2sets. Columns 15 cm. diameter x 60 cm.
high with flanges, bolts and nuts                       – 1set.
Datum bar, 5 meter span, height 30 cm.          – 1no.
Extension rods 12 mm. diameter 4 metre long  – 16 pieces.
Base and top end plate                                   – 4nos.
Supplied without dial gauge and bridge support.


LM173494 : Dial gauge 0.01mm. x 25 mm. travel.
LM173121 : Bridge support of welded steel angle, 5 meter span, for positioning and fitting of the dial gauge.


LM173122 : Hydraulic jack.
LM173123 : Ball and Socket assembly.
LM173124 : M.S. Plate 600 x 600 x 25 mm.
LM173125 : M.S. Plate 450 x 450 x 25 mm.
LM173126 : M.S. Plate 300 x 300 x 25 mm.
LM173127 : Connecting pipe with couplings 60 cms. long.
LM173128 : Connecting pipe with couplings 30 cms. long.


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