Pore Pressure


“LYNX” Pore Water Pressure Apparatus is of simple design and proven reliability. The apparatus consists of a screw type pressure pump, null indicator of acrylic plastic, pressure gauge, mercury manometer, volume change burette and the necessary valves and connecting pipe work.





1000 kPa  (10.5 kg./cm ), suitable  for wall mounting. The apparatus is mounted on a panel, fitted with a pressure gauge   of 1000kPa with a least count of 5kPa (0.01kg/cm) .

Mercury manometer with a scale graduated 50-0-50 cm.
-           Drainage burette of 50 ml.
-           Acrylic Null Indicators with a copper coil
-           Hand operated pressure pump and water reservoir


LM17117 : PORE  WATER  PRESSURE  APPARATUS 2000 kPa (21kg./cm ).


Similar to LM17116, but designed for higher pressure range.

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