Enviornment Monitoring

Weather Trackers

Weather Trackers
  • Record and display conditions in your orchard, vineyard or greenhouse that can alert you to insect and plant disease pressure
  • Values are calculated based on sensor readings taken every 15 minutes
  • Program up to three degree-day memories and one chill-hour memory
  • A solar radiation shield and 15-minute degree-day data point interval results in exceptionally accurate degree-day calculation
    Built-in Data Logger:
  • Store your events in fail-safe, non-volatile memory
  • Replace the batteries without losing valuable weather data
  • More than enough memory for a complete growing season
    LCD display:
  • Displays the current conditions in addition to the daily high/low temperature readings, degree days, leaf wetness hours*, disease pressure*, DLI/DIF (Daily Light Integral) and DIF temperature aid in growing greenhouse plants
  • Recall the last 30 days of detail data, as well as 12 months of summaries
  • Current readings are updated every 15 seconds  
    Battery powered:
  • 8-month battery power source (9V battery included) means no solar panels to purchase or maintain
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