Enviornment Monitoring

2000 Mini Stations

2000 Series Mini Stations
  • Same power, flexibility, and accuracy as the 2000 Series Weather Stations
  • Measure temperature, humidity, quantum light and more (varies by model)
  • Customize your mini station with 1-4 plug-in sensors to meet your needs
  • Accurate, real-time weather information directly from where you grow
  • Log your data in fail-safe, non-volatile memory
  • Choose measurement intervals from 1 to 60 minutes (holds 183 days of data with a 30 minute interval)
  • Reliable NEMA-4 type IP 66 enclosure and weatherproof connectors
  • Use the LCD display to check current and daily high/low readings without a PC.
  • Run disease models on the station, providing field viewing of disease severity indicators
  • Alarms: send a warning if a sensor exceeds high and low limits
  • 12-month battery power source (four AA alkaline batteries included)
  • Communicate via wireless, cellular, shuttle or direct connect (see Communication options)
  • Requires SpecWare Basic or Pro software (see Software page)
    Model 2475 Plant Growth Station
  • Includes sensors for quantum (PAR) light, air temperature, relative humidity, and 1 available external sensor port
  • Computes and displays Daily Light Integral (DLI), dew point, and degree days
  • Computes and displays DIF – Average day/night temperatures
  • Computes and displays VPD – Vapor Pressure Deficit
  • Item Number : 3686WD Item Name : WatchDog 2475 Plant Growth Station
    Model 2450 Temperature/RH Station
  • Measure air temperature, relative humidity and dew point and 2 available external sensor ports.
  • Item Number : 3684WD Item Name :WatchDog 2450 Mini Station Temp/RH
    Model 2425 Temperature Station
  • Measures air temperature and 3 available external sensor ports.
  • Item Number : 3683WD Item Name : WatchDog 2425 Mini Station Temperature
    Model 2400 External Sensor Station
  • ideal where multiple sensor measurement are required for temperature, soil moisture, crop canopy light or leaf wetness data.
  • Plug in up to 8 external sensors
  • Item Number : 3685WD Item Name : WatchDog 2400 Weather Station
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