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Sprayer Station

Sprayer Station
Pesticide drift is increasingly important to commerical applicators. Now you can monitor wind speed and direction and data log weather cinditions with the ultrasonic WatchDog Sprayer Station. While on the go, the station uses its internal compass and GPS to adjust the wind sensor values by subtracing the vehicle speed and direction to compute the true wind speed and direction. Accurate data helps pesticide applicators make important decisions regarding weather conditions that affect safety, drift and proper pesticide application. User controlled data logging of weather conditions providea evience of suitable conditions for pesticide application.
  • New for 2013 - Field replaceable humidity sensor
  • Smaller than a can of soda, this all-in-one weather station measures air temperature, humidity, dew point, wind chill, barometric pressure and apparent wind speed and direction.
  • It handles adverse conditions with a UV stabilized, compact housing that is fully waterproof and resistant to chemicals.
  • Reliability is enhanced by eliminating moving parts: the traditional wind vane and cups have been replaced with ultrasonic transducers.
  • Display current conditions: wind speed & direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and GPS parameters (vehicle speed & direction, location, and satellite signal strength). Continuously log your weather parameters at a user-selectable rate or hit the snapshot button to capture current conditions.
    Item Number : 3349SSCH Item Name : WatcgDog Sprayer Station With Console
      Save by purchasing the Station and Console together!
    Item Number : 3349SSH Item Name : WatchDog Sprayer Station
      Includes sensor unit with magnetic base, 21 ft (7 m) cable with vehicle power and 9-pin serial connectors, and displaylogging program for Windows Mobile PDA or Windows Laptop
    Item Number : 3349CN Item Name : WatchDog Sprayer Station Console
      Includes console with built-in data logger, 9-pin serial cable, and software CD
    Item Number : 3349H Item Name : Replacement Humidity Sensor
    Item Number : 36661USB Item Name : USB-to-9-Pin-Serial Adapter
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