Enviornment Monitoring


GPRS or CDMA Cellular
If you can talk on your cell phone, your weather data can reach the web from where you grow. New bidirectional communication feature enables remote configuration and repeat data retrieval (when used with SpecWeather.com) Cellular data plan required.
Item Number : 3388GU Item Name : WatchDog Comm GPRS - USA
Item Number : 3388GE Item Name : WatchDog Comm GPRS - World (International)
Item Number : 3388C Item Name : WatchDog Comm CDMA
The WatchDog Satellite communications system gets your weather data to the web - anywhere there’s sky. Iridium or Orbcomm subscription required.
Item Number :3388SI Item Name : WatchDog Comm Satellite
Wireless or Direct Connect to the Web
Send your data to the web using spread-spectrum wireless or direct conncection to a Local Area Network-attached Base Station and avoic recurring transmission charges.
Item Number :3388LAN Item Name : LAN Connection Base
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