Enviornment Monitoring

Rain Gauges

Digital Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges
  • High accuracy, low-maintenance tipping bucket rain collector
  • Meets NWS guidelines with an 8 in (20.5 cm) diameter collector
  • Automatically records and displays up to 9.99 in (25 cm) of rain
  • Includes long-life lithium battery and 60 ft (18 m) of cable
  • Displays in inches only
  • Item Number : 3525R Item Name : Digital Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
    Wireless Rain Collector with Temperature
  • Unit displays cumulative total for the past 24 hours or cumulative total for the past seven days
  • Collector can be placed up to 100 ft (30 m) from the main unit
  • Includes indoor and wireless outdoor thermometers and rain alarm
  • LCD displays in/mm rainfall
  • Item Number : 3526WT1 Item Name : Wireless Rain Collector with Temperature
    ET Gauge
  • Monitor your crop and soil water loss through evapotranspiration
  • Helps you know precisely when to irrigate
  • Fill it with distilled water and check the level periodically
  • Stands approximately 2 ft (0.6 m) tall
  • Item Number : 3710 Item Name : ET Gauge
    Item Number : 3710E Item Name : Electronic ET Gauge
    Item Number : 3710KIT Item Name : Replacement Top Assembly Kit
    Item Number : 3710W Item Name : Replacement Wafers (5 count)
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