Dynamic Cone Penetration Test


Confirms to  IS : 4968(part-1)
It comprises of :
Tripod Stand consists of three nos. 5 metre long metal legs ( each leg in two pieces) with a tee bolt and pulley block. Supplied complete with  a Drop Hammer 65 kgs. wt. with lifting  eye guide assembly with two end caps, to give a free fall of  75 cm. for the drop hammer, 1 no. cone of 50.8mm. diameter with 60º angle and suitable ‘A’ type adaptor for cone. Cones are available either threaded or without threads. (To specify at the time of ordering), but supplied without type ‘A’ drill rod.


LM173061 : Type ‘A’  drill rod – 1.0  metre long.
LM173062 : Type ‘A’  drill rod – 1.5 metres long.
LM173063 : Type ‘A’ drill rod  –  2.0 metres long.
<LM173064 : Type ‘A’ drill rod  – 3.0 metres long.


LM173065 : Set of 6 nos. cone with adaptor (threaded).
LM173066 : Set of 6 nos. cone with adaptor (without thread).

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