Underlying Autoplotter is an easy to use, Powerful CAD which is specificallu tailored to handle survey and mapping Data. Autoplotter CAD has 3 directional approach for command execution: Menus, toolbar, & command bar, for easy of use and for compatibility with users Migrating from other drawing Environment Graphic objects include points, lines,Polylines, Circles, arcs, ellipies, rectangles, text, block, insertions, dimentions, raster images etc. All objects can use the 3D Co-ordinate system editing feature include Operation for copy, move,rotate, scale, mirror, explode, erase, join, trim, extend etc. eith undo and redo features upto 100 times. Viewing features has real time zoon, & pan aerial View (navigator) for looking through a large drawing & Magnifier view for a close look Autoplotter CAD environment supports windows TTF fonts. and AutoCAD SHX fonts. You can use layers, blocks, texts styles, point styles, Multi-line styles, dimention styles in the CAD environment to manage your drawing Hatch provision & line type provision is supported for AUTOCAD hatch patterns (PAT) and line types(LIN).


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